All I ever wanted was to tell the truth, save the world, heal the world through words whether written willingly, forcefully or with a heavy heart. Through that school child who doesn’t understand literature, old lady with perfect combination of words and Proverbs. Sad dude doing it for healing, girl with ambitions but mentally ill.

Even though other sources fought me for this position but I’m still here. Still attached to my mate hoping that one day we might heal a gent or cutie.

I behold so much information that some of it is not taken into consideration, some holds pain, some I had to bring to life so they could bring change. Some break, destroy bonds, friendships.

I’m not entirely sure whether with my consistent behaviour, I’m moving forward or breaking boundaries. I believe I do good. Those special souls who take simple words and turn them into greatness

I mean I can’t be that bad, I know others freak out to death when I’m not around them, yes they will hate to admit that but life without me will be as blank as an A4 page but with my presence I fill up more than just pages.

I give out information, I ruin unnecessary bonds, I express love to soulmates. The world goes round and I’m taking all the credit. 

Like a locksmith, I unlock words that others are afraid to use through their voices, so I’m basically a wordsmith and that’s all I want to be and I’ll keep on saving voices and use wise words for correct choices

Maybe one day I’ll be called mother of all words and not just a pen.