It’s winter right? Surely 50% of you hate it and 50% love it! Well whether your love or hate it, you better take advantage of it. Since it’s cold, we need things like food, clothes and appliances to keep us warm and what better way than you start a business and you can save the money for December or to buy summer clothes for yourself!

Here’s some side hustles for this season.

1.Make Amagwinya (vetkoek) and sell in your area.

It’s very cold in the morning and sometimes we wake up very late, we don’t have time to make breakfast, we therefore wanna grab breakfast on the way. Selling fatcakes will generate profit for you. You need the following ingredients:
1.Flour ( whether it’s self raising flour its okay).
4.Yeast(if you didn’t buy self raising flour.
5.Luke warm water.
You can search on youtube or the internet for how to make delicious fatcakes so you can attract customers. You can sell each one 1 rand and make sure you wake up early so you can get your customers .

2.Sell coffee/Tea .

So you are selling fatcakes and now we need some liquid to solve this solid, you know have to start selling coffee or tea. You can do this by buying a prime stove as it will assist you with hot water for the coffee or tea. You can buy plastic cups at your local wholesale stores and you can sell each at R5. Remember to buy all the products you going to need which are:
2.Coffe/Tea bags
As soon as you see you get more customers, you can now start selling hot chocolate and cappuccino.
3.Sell winter clothes.

We all feeling this cold front and we surely don’t want to catch flu right? You can sell winter clothes to us. There is an affordable store in Gauteng where you can stock winter clothes , for example, there are tracksuits starting from R100. You buy 5 pairs of those tracksuits for R500 and you sell them at R250 and you going to get a profit of 750 and you know for transport you spend about 200, therefore, you get 500 profit. It depends on your pricing, remember to understand your target market and look out for customers who might want to ruin your business.

4. Sell soup!

I love soup so much and I know if one can sell soup, you can get customers. You wake up very early and you target your customers near the rank sides, you can sell a cup of soup at R5 or at R7 and you gonna have to wake up very early in the morning so you can prepare it and make sure it stays hot for your business hours.

5.Sell muffins

Additionally, muffins are also your ticket to money. You can bake muffins at home either with flour that is already mixed or you can buy all the ingredients ( preferably buy the one that’s mixed with all the ingredients). Your target market here is teachers, learners, workers etc. You can sell one at R5. Remember to search for your target market first.
There are many things you can do this winter to have money. It will take a lot of sacrifices as most of your products preferably must be sold in the morning. Remember to wear warm clothes, pray and stay positive. Don’t give up because today nobody bought your product. Be positive and energetic, attract your customers and always be humble.