If being an old fashion means to be sick, I think I need a Doctor.

I always find myself struggling to buy something to wear in nowadays. I would woke up in the morning with the shopping mood but when I run arround the mall I fail to find something that would fit me the way i want. I don’t like body revelling clothes, I don’t like slim legs trousers, I don’t like boot legs trousers either, I don’t feel comfortable in wearing clothes that are written in bold names which could be red at a distance, i would rather go for plane clothes. I got fat when i come across normal cuts trousers.

I visited different shops hoping to find something to suit my old fashion but end up going to kids shops to buy clothes for my kids. This thing of old fashion is troubling me in a manner that when i see someone wearing see true or body revelling clothes I would be making self comments. I look at what one is wearing and how does it fit him/her then I comment. I don’t like it but you would find me looking up and down, left and right.

When we were younger we learnt that when you wear a teared up clothes, you are inviting poverty. But as we get growing up we saw people wearing what we were taught is inviting poverty and then the inner comments start developing.

I am seriously in need for a cure for my situation.