How I wish things could have been different but I guess we do not choose how we live our lives. For a Mother her daughter is her pride but it my case it has never been that way.

Mothers tend to bond with their daughters but with me and my mother it is not the same. Whenever I think about my relationship with my mother i feel like crying the pain out. Let me tell you a story about my relationship with my mother, I am not saying I’m perfect but i do deserve a little bit piece of mind. Growing up my mother was such wonderful and loving mother to all her children then the problem started in 2018 when she had bipolar even now she’s not taking pills for it but that is a story for another day. My mother started doing things that would hurt me intentionally, I wouldn’t mind but I dont want her doing that to my little sister. She would insult me and calling me names and whenever I got hurt she’d say I deserve that.

I never tell my mother my problems or anything that would happen to me because as she says I’ll never achieve anything good in life she even said I would work in my life but what she doesn’t know is that I have support from my father and everything in my life is going good except for my relationship with her. Only my little sister and my father knows whats going on in my life and I want it to stay that way. Even now I’m working and she doesn’t even know that’s how toxic our relationship is but atleast I have my father’s support.

Our relationship has gotten worse to a point that I don’t need her in my life but i don’t wish her bad because my little sister needs her.