I found love again and all I wanted was to keep this love because I know what’s it like to loose love. I know you didn’t want me to have this love that I have found. Today it feels like a punishment for having this new love in my life. It hurts. I know you blame me for all the wrongs currently going on in your life right now and because of my love that I chose. This love is the only thing that makes me smile everyday even though I’m hurting inside.

Love takes alot of attention,work and patience and if you want to keep it you have to sacrifice yourself for it. I’m sorry my love that I sometimes loose my cool with you but I don’t and won’t ever put you last because I chose you to be in my life,you are mine now. I don’t know what the future holds for us and at the moment it’s hard to keep the faith but in time I know we will be happy and grow stronger together in love.