Thoughts of her cross my mind each time she’s away ,they remind me of the time she waited for me at home when I was at work. On my way all I think of is getting home to her, kissing her forehead,rubbing her beautiful feet and telling her all about my day as I bathed . I can be so annoying as she cooks in the kitchen I kiss her hug her and talk to her until we eat . She’s the best thing i never had I mean I always met these low life girls who cared about money weaves nails and clothes what used to bore me is they’d ask for money Everytime we had sex, don’t get me wrong I dated 1 at a time but it was like all of them were trading … They’d act the same, if not tattoo then nose or tongue pierced .I love my wife and wouldn’t mind her getting nails done or buying her a weave .

“Sir where are you located?”

I woke up from my day dream .
I was so close to home I decided to get off the taxi and walk 5 mins from there . I can’t imagine losing her . I found elders waiting at the gate.” Kgomo yeshu morongwa ke bagolo abowa a phathakgile ngwana wabo kumpu le bo kwena ! Tse bohloko adifele mmagorena ore tlogelegetse olwetse kudu”,My auntie said.
The pain hit hard I couldn’t understand a word… That’s how I got to reality. Losing my only sunshine. My days are always dark WITHOUT her.