Dear Lover

I love you with all my heart. I think about you all the time and when I think about you a smile comes flying and hit my face, joy shouting in my heart and butterflies flying uncontrollably in my stomach. Imagination comes straight to my mind and takes me to our future, to our wedding day. You handsomely dressed in a suit, white shirt, red and black jacket, black bow tie, black pants and black shoes.

Just as a princess I imagine a dress long that will cover the floor, my hair beautifully made. A day I’ll never forget a day I’ll say death do us part, a day I’ll become Mrs and called wife.

Can’t wait too be pregnant and make my you suffer a bit . I’ll be like “My love, I just feel like I need pizza” and when he brings it to me I’ll be like “No it smells so bad, can I have a burger and cookies please and don’t forget an apple.”