My grandmother is busy fixing her doek preparing for church as it is Sunday she never misses a church day. Today is not a pleasant day at all. I got a message from my boyfriend well now ex-boyfriend telling me he got a new girlfriend now such a coward I am surprised I am not even miserable or heartbroken I knew that relationship was long gone but to announce the break on the phone. I decided that I am going to church today with my grandmother its not like I have anything better to do anyway. We are on our way to church. Inside the church I see a brown skilled man playing the piano his voice is so sweet it can make you confess your sins, while we walk in I admire the handsome soul playing the piano I reliase that I am very much in love with this man. Is it love at first sight or his voice charmed me? I don’t know but whatever I felt that moment when I saw that man I knew I had to go and introduce myself at least. I introduced myself and smiled “Hi I am Akhona” ,”Hi Akhona I am Sibusiso.” I walked back to take a sit and just admire the beauty in front of me I am glad I went to church today and I will sure be coming here every Sunday even when I am sick.