Mr and Mrs Lebepe have been married for several years but the spark between them is no more. The only reason they are still spouses is for the sake of their children. They did not want their children to grow up in a family with one parent and for that, they swore to be as civil as possible to each other.

They believed so much in a say happy home, and happy children. One day Mr Lebepe thought to himself why not opt for an open marriage. At that time he thought it was better than going separate ways. He sat his wife down and talked. 

Mrs Lebepe did not see any reason to disagree with her husband as love left them. They agreed to play a happy family in front of their kids for them not to suspect a thing. Eventually, they both found new partners but still kept their promises, no sleepovers, respecting their curfews and all. 

Mrs Lebepe’s relationship grew serious and some things had to change. For weeks everything went as per their agreement until one day when Mrs Lebepe’s newfound boyfriend asked her to sleep over at his place. Truth is she also had started falling head over heels for him. She couldn’t refuse the opportunity of getting to spend more time with the love of her life. 

She had to gather all the courage possible to face her husband and tell him her plans just so he knows what to say to the kids when they don’t see her home. There was a possibility of Mr Lebepe refusing since sleepovers were not part of their agreement. On the other side, Mr Lebepe’s love life wasn’t going too well. 

Almost everyone he met was there for the money but he still pretended everything was great. Mrs Lebepe called her husband and told him she wasn’t coming home that day. Mr Lebepe shouted saying it was not how they agreed things will be. Hearing how tense things were about to get, she hung up with a smile telling her boyfriend that her husband said it was fine. 

That night he couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about the possibilities of things they might get up to the whole night. Jealousy kicked in and he realised the so-called “open marriage” thing was not for him. He told himself he was going to fight for his wife. 

Early in the morning, Mrs Lebepe came back before the kids woke up. She took a bath and then slept. The poor man was quite awake pretending to be asleep. The first thing when they woke up he spoke out his feelings to his wife, unfortunately, his wife was way too much in love and happy to just turn her back on her boyfriend. 
The worst part she even filed for divorce and shared the truth with their children.