Others either go uphill or downhill,

Some remain at the same place,

Everyone has ups and downs and eventually settles down.

However, im different…

The route im taking is not a slope, it’s a cliff,

There’s no stepping stone in between,

I’m risking my life everytime I take a leap.

When i hold on to a rock on the cliff,

I have to climb up with all my might

“If i fall…that will be the death of me”

I’m putting myself in danger so that I’ll fight to live

Surely, you are asking yourself whether have I ever been afraid?

Of course! ‘But FEAR?’

Fear is common in human,

Everytime I’m in danger,

It feels I’m stuck between rocks.

In order not to get stuck at the same place,

I can only push myself forward,

Being afraid wont help.


I pretend I’m already at the top

Or on the highest stepping stone

Until I’m completely convinced…

It wont be that difficult after that.