I was just a normal school girl doing grade 11, I was dating someone whom I was madly in love with but the problem was that he was poor and I was poor. It didn’t bother me that much at first because I knew one day we gonna make it together, but sometimes I use to feel like getting myself a man that will take care of me because life was difficult at home.
So one day I was on my way to school, I met this guy driving an expensive car, he looked old but he was so charming, the way I ended up falling for him he told me that he don’t know me, but starting from that day he will be there for me, give me whatever I want and he even promised to marry me. So he said I must not go to school that day, he wants to take me somewhere special so I agreed, we went to a hotel room he booked, bought more food and we had sex. He took me home and gave me R200. And since that day he started to ignore me, I was pregnant and wanted to tell him but he blocked me, so I was sleeping with my poor boyfriend a lot at that time, I ended up telling him it was his baby and not so long ago we found out that both we are HIV positive
My poor boyfriend got HIV because of me and he’s raising a child that is not even his because of my big eyes.