Is this what im destined to be maybe writing essays and poems is what im destined to be, because when i start to pick up a pen, get engaged to my thoughts and start to write i feel at peace.

when i write im able to deal with my anxiety, i find the courage to open up about everything bottled inside of me, giving courage and hope to those who are engaged at my writings yet sometimes being an author tears my heart apart, especially the fact that this essays and poems keeps reaching, inspiring, motivating souls that I can’t even see.

this handsome work of mine keeps reaching places that i have never been, im receiving compliments stating i should stop for nothing but honestly i feel like im good for nothing. the pressure is heavy on my shoulders it’s a heavy duty my fans and followers keep commenting stating i should keep on writing they want more than what im offering but what about my seIf,

I don’t want to be a writer that keeps writing delivering good touching essays and poems but stuck in one place, i want to reach places that my writings have reached,

I want to meet and get to know the hearts that my essays and poems have healed, maybe that’s when ill find my inner peace, and i won’t stop serving my Beatifull, handsome, intelligent followers that have hunger for knowledge with this kind words up until i find the peace i need,

I wonder is this what I’m destined to be a writer or this is who im forcing myself to be I guess ill never know im still lost in this moment.