I started stalking Mr X through Facebook after I learnt his real identity. I always followed his posts, going through his pictures, comments, and his Facebook friends.

The guy is every girl’s dream; he’s handsome, has a nice body and a million-dollar smile.
Mr X, when he was still at school, was in modelling, in a hip-hop group and a dancing group. He’s a well-known guy around the township. Surprisingly I didn’t know him, nor had met him before, except the day I first saw him in 2017.

Then I decided to inbox him through Facebook.

Hello, my name is Anita, I’m Lerato’s friend.

He took almost a week to reply, but he was online every day. Then I decided to greet him again, and he replied.

Mr X: Oh hello, well I know Lerato, she’s my friend’s girlfriend, it’s nice knowing you

I couldn’t stop blushing, thoughts going through my mind. I knew very well Mr X was out of my league and with all the fame of being well known around the township, he wouldn’t look at me twice. But I decided to text him several times. Some days he replied soon, some not, then one day I decided to leave him a long text.

I reached out to you through Facebook not only for casual talks, but I decided to be honest today, I hope you won’t be offended. I first saw u at the shop near Tar Road. The moment you looked my side, my world just stopped, I couldn’t breathe nor wink, cos what I saw it was breath-taking. From that day I nicknamed you Mr X. I loved u from that day, you’ve been my crush. So I decided to reach out to you, so I can let you know

Mr X: Thank you for being honest with me, but I’m sorry to let you know I have someone special in my life, so I guess we should be friends. Besides I think you know the saying, a crush must always remain a crush, nothing more nothing less (smiley face)

I felt sick when I read it. I felt cold on a hot day, I experienced something like an eclipse, day turned to night for a moment.

He then added.

Mr X : If you don’t mind, we can be friends, I like your sense of humour, you are a strong lady.

I couldn’t type, I kept quiet and I was in shock. I really told him, what was I thinking, I knew very well the guy was out of my league. Why did I choose to embarrass myself like this?

I replied.

Ohk I understand and I will think about the friendship offer, thank you for your kind words

Mr X: You are most welcome

That was the last time we texted, until
three years later.


Tell us: What do you think will happen after three years?