Dear friends 🙏♥️

School can be important to our lives but there are things you need to consider as an individual.

*School is not about competition. It is about learning the basics of life and your career. You can produce distinctions but that does not determine your future. Even average learners can still achieve in life.

*Failing is not an end. Failing teaches us to fix our mistakes. Someone told me that she failed two times but she made it by becoming a teacher.☺️

* Understand yourself before others.

*Learn to push yourself- When I was in high school, I was affected by COVID-19. My school marks were not good so as time passes , I changed my 30 to a 80. You can do it 💪

* Workout your mental health, you can study while you are depressed. It is wise to tell someone you trust about your problems. You can even try to do hobbies that will help you to release pressure.

* Learn to appreciate – If your parents cannot certain items you wanted, do not stress them. Many parents are trying their best to make their children happy.

* Learn to collaborate with good people.

* Focus on your future – Not all of us will succeed by education. There are people who are rich because of their talent and knowledge.Bare in mind.

Those who are still in school, may God give you good things ♥️☺️

Love you all👏

From Zee