How did it end in tears, who knewd that in this day it would end in tears, i still have a lot of unanswered questions in my Mind, thousand if not thousand million questions, Life doesn’t change but people change so does love,im in a mental-state, I’m depressed

I thought she loved me I thought I was the only apple of her eye, I thought we’ll grow old together, Die together

we even made an Oath that nothing will separate us,

But by a blink of an eye you were gone,you were no where to be found ,memories of us was all I had in store, like how we used to chill and have fun chatting about our future, how we would explore the world, but it’s strange huh, how our love could go from Hero to zero from lovers to enemies You gave me no choice,No second chance, No nothing than to cut ties and let you Go , I felt betrayed, I felt depressed, I felt stupid for falling for your Coldlove, i was suicidal overthinking a lot, Because of you . What’s so special to you,that I keep on falling for you , Gone are the better days where we would spend time together I magining our so called Billionaire life surely God gives and he Takes