I once got sick when I was still in high school doing grade 10. It was July 2012, and my mom decided to take me to a doctor ’cause the pain was getting stronger to a point where I couldn’t sleep at night. Painkillers were not doing anything but to ease the pain for about 3-4 hours, then after that the pain comes stronger.

Ok, here is the story. The doctor did all the check-ups, just when I thought I will be fine, he tells my mother that I need to be transferred to the provincial hospital because this is a serious issue. I was disappointed, but I couldn’t do anything about it but to accept ’cause I was desperate to get healed. He gave us the transfer letter, then the ambulance took me to the hospital immediately.

I was admitted, and the next day they run blood tests. My results came after two days, and my doctor told me and my mother that to get healed I need to do operation. My heart racing, and I was crying ’cause I was scared to do the operation. They gave me a day to think about it. I didn’t sleep the whole night trying to process the whole thing.

It was between life and death, so I decided to do the right thing because I wanted to live after all. I went to theater, and after a week I got discharged because my wound was healing. I will never forget that year. It made me realise how wonderful God is. Here I am today, alive and kicking.