Honestly speaking I am this one girl who struggling with her self -care nor self confidence but I don’t blame myself because with the people I live with or the community I live in you need to be perfect what I mean by perfect I mean nice curvy body, light skinned and apparently nice shaped forehead. And I am the opposite of that I am chubby, brown skinned and I have big forehead so that means I am unperfect.

As a result of these insecurities I became an love addict and creating these ambitious love stories from novels that don’t even exist like the Cinderella story or Romeo and Juliet. This is our fault for believing in the 90s love while we are in 20s time.

I fall in love so easily because I feel like if someone says something special or does something nice to me they like me but honestly no and later I get my heart broken. When a boy comes closer to me or wants to be a friend I will want something more just to prove to myself that I am perfect but we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect person because every single one of us has their own flaws. I know sometimes it feels like everyone keeps saying the same thing like love yourself or you’re beautiful but in reality you feel like what they are saying is not true. So to avoid feeling like that try these things:

1. Try using this other app named Gratitude.

2. If you’re are a Christian read a Bible a least once a day.

3.Have a journal to write your feelings on a daily basis.

4. Have a chart or a board to write your goals and dreams and don’t forget to put the “work on my self” point.

And trust me try staying away from things or people who make you feel this way will help big time.