I believe success comes to the one who dares, even after failure, to look forward positively and confidently. Difficult situations will always pave the way to a bright future. However, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

It all started when I got pregnant at a very young age.

The thought of having to raise a child at the age of 13 was just too much for me to handle. “Will I have the strength to raise a child?” my heart broke every time I had to think of the biggest mistake of my life.

My peers would make fun of me because of my pregnancy, which made my life more complicated than it was before.

‘Life is indeed not a bed of roses’- I finally understood the phrase. Despite how I felt, I had to keep going for the sake of my child. As they say, heavy rain keeps the tough going – my child is what kept me going.

Time came when I was done with high school and went to varsity. I studied as hard as I could, even though it wasn’t easy. I had many sleepless nights as I had to research and take care of my child at the same time. My hard work finally paid off! I then completed my medical degree, got a stable job and became independent.

At first, I thought having a child would block a way for me to proceed with my studies. Little did I know, sometimes the things we fail to accept become a reason for our success.