There was once a girl. She was in love with this boy at her school. But he had a girlfriend. The girl thought she could never compete with her beauty. She was too shy, weak and ugly she always thought, looking in the mirror.

She always had this feeling he was watching her and he was. He had this charm of his any other girl could fall for. His voice was deep and he had a cute smile.

One day the girl almost fell from the school’s stairs that were always so slippery. But before she could even hit the second tile he catches her. Their eyes locked. And her heart was beating rapidly, none stop.

This was it. The moment I declare my love, she thought. But before she could even say a word his girlfriend appeared as beautiful as always.

He let her go and left leaving her heart beating and the warmth of his arms. He was the third one who had a girlfriend.

She kept falling for boys who were taken. And yes that girl is me. I keep falling for boys who were taken. But the falling in the arms part would never be.