Chantel was my best friend. Our friendship commenced on our first day of school in the year 2013.We were in our first grade at that time. I was very shy and I wasn’t good at speaking English. Chantel then approached me and that’s when our friendship commenced. We would hang out together every single week day of school. We used to cherish with joy whenever we saw each other. Our moments together were very spectacular and special. She loved me so much and so did I. I remember having a sweet dream about her. In the dream, I was calling out her name and asking her to come play with me. She was the sweetest and kindest friend I have ever met. Years went by and our our friendship grew stronger and stronger everyday. We were always happy and we loved laughing, but never have I thought that it will all come to an end. This happened when my mother told me I was going to another school. I was so sad and so was Chantel. By that time,we were doing our fifth grade in the year 2017. It was in the first term and it was a pity that in the following term I won’t see her again. When I broke the news to Chantel, we promised each other to spend every single moment with joy, happiness and wildness, and that happened for real. Then the day came to say our final goodbyes. It was a very sad moment, we hugged and kissed. At that time we both didn’t have cellphones so there was no way of communication between us rather than just talking face to face. I went to a new school and I met new friends. I then forgot about Chantel and moved on with my life. Years went by and by. Mind you during this year’s, I was betrayed by the people I called friends. It then happened that one day I was staring out the window and suddenly, a bird came by. I looked at it and at that moment, I rewinded about the past. As memories flowed in, Chantel came up in my mind. I started rewinding those moments that we used to be friends. I fell into tears. I remembered all those joyful moments we were together. At that moment, I was covered with loneliness. It felt like my heart was melting into sadness. I started longing for her,all the laughters and tearful moments we used to share. I then asked myself how could I have forgotten about Chantel. From 2017 and I just started thinking about her in 2021? I then wondered where she could be. It’s been four years now and I am very sure that where she is, she has archived a lot. I wish I could see her one more time. It is so heart breaking and sad. It’s so sad that I am only left with memories. I wish I could take all the years back and hug her as many times. I really miss her. I am very shattered deep inside and I don’t think I will ever find a good best friend like Chantel. Even if I do find another friend in the future, but I will never forget my first best friend-Chantel.