It was on 2020 when I discovered about YoCliq (social network) I created an account on it then I met lots and lots of people. Some were kind, loving, silly, and crazy but in a good way. I shared good and bad things with them. So I made a friendship with Eze Jerimiah, itsbgold, mashionmario, Jhay- 01.

So Tynash (YoCliq owner) decided to add new features on YoCliq including groups and duels and therefore on the groups I saw other types of people. Most of the people there were from Africa but there was never racism. Tycchat (YoCliq) stopped working so I decided to Google it. When I googled it I got the results saying the owner of YoCliq is Tynash Chims.


I discovered another chat site on Freebasics ( that is called Budflick. I met new people but most of them were my friends on Tycchat so I met my friends Jhay-01, Itsbgold, Mashionmario and Don7star but I never saw Eze Jerimiah. Jhay and Eze Jerimiah were close to me. So I tried to rebuild Tycchat on website builders like Wapka, Wapkiz, 4webku, Socialpages, Yooco, Xtgem, and many more.


I googled YoCliq then I discovered about Dedochat I tried to register but I wasn’t able to do lots of things because I didn’t get the confirmation email. I saw my friends on Tycchat including Eze Jerimiah. I discovered other chat sites including Socialbd, Poptalk, Hindichat, Jetbits, Prodigits, Paxeer, and many more. Most of those chat sites are owned by my YoCliq friends. I fell in love with Programming, Coding, and Web development. Right now I’m working on Wikipedia (one of the best websites in the world), feraahub ( site by itsbgold) and I’m planning to create a company just like Meta(Facebook).

Today on Facebook I discovered that YoCliq will be back.