Life after matric is like a horrible dream , also depending on your circumstances .I thought I got everything figured out . That I will attend a university ,but unfortunately I could not meet my admission requirements , because of the horrible subject that I never liked and I don’t think I will ever like …this horrible mathematic .But I did maths literacy instead of pure maths . To be honest I thought it would be easier than pure maths ,but I guess every subject is challenging in its own way . And I also think that I could have put in more effort than what I did , but I guess it’s my own fault.

But one thing I learnt is that life is so unpredictable . At High School we think that things are easier when we done with school ,but things don’t turn out as we thing. I also think that while we at High School we should plan what we would want to pursue after matric. We should have plan A until Z . I know you might think I am blowing things out of proportion . But no ! I am not !

But hope and positivity keeps me going . And most importantly faith. Faith is essential in every aspect of life , whether we like it or not . Period !

But my setback gives me a push for a comeback. I will never give up. I will work hard in order to achieve it . Because I was not born to fail in life. So to every teen out there never give up , keep dreaming ; and also chase you dreams . Because you all were born for great things.