At the age of fourteen, I started having a low self-esteem. Reason for that, is because I was starting to grow up. I used to compare myself to others, mostly my friends. They were the hottest chicks in class and my classmates loved them a lot.
They had beautiful smiles and curves and all of that. They used to say I am also beautiful and I have a good body shape but I doubted that. Because of my low self-esteem, I started locking myself up or isolated myself to avoid being seen at school and laughed at (well that was just my mind playing with me).
One thing kept me happy though, it was being in class and learning reason being no one would be focusing on somebody’s looks but his book. So I kept being that “unseen girl” until I met a matriculant student named Zama who admired my smile a lot. When I got home, I went straight to the mirror. I stood there for about 30 minutes, starring at my face. I remembered Zama’s words and started to smile. I began to complement my smile even noticed my little dimples, cute eyes and curves. I even noticed that I was hairy.
That when my negative low self-esteem started changing to a positive self-esteem. I started loving myself and pointed advantages rather than disadvantages. I told myself that “i am beautiful and perfect in my own way and I will never ever compare myself to others”