I’m just an ordinary citizen with big dreams. I remember after completing my Management Assistant course in 2020, my aunt’s daughter asked me to move in with her in Rustenburg to look for an internship or a job that relate to a course that I studied. It was early January 2021 when I decided to move in with her. I used to wake up every morning to submit my CV at different companies, but luck was not on my side.

My aunt’s daughter started losing hope on me, she started acting on me. There’s this day I will never forget, she was telling me that she can’t afford to buy her two daughters what they want because she is feeding me. I was heartbroken, tears streaming down my face. So, I decided to go back home in Zeerust. People started talking, you know how they can be. They were busy saying my life is over because I returned home.

I didn’t quit, I took that as a motivation. Later that year I applied for General School Assistant, and my application was successful. I worked for 10 months which it was from 2 November 2021, and the contract ended in 31 August 2022. That job helped me to find myself and gain my self esteem. It made realize that you can’t put a good man down no matter what.

This year early March I decided to move in Soweto. It feels great to be here. I live with my family from my mother’s side. They believe in me, they keep on encouraging me to be patient when it comes to applying for job opportunities. They also told me not to give up because God will answer my prayers one day. I also believe that I will find a job that will change my life forever.

There are lot of things I want to do for my community even though I have not yet received support from them. The first thing that comes to my mind is a library or a book club. I want youth in my community to see the importance of literacy. I want to be an inspiration to them. I won’t rest until I accomplish this mission. No matter how far the river is, I will return home with water.