All i wanted to do today was text you about my day because I knew you’d make it better or at least make me smile because just a single text from you makes me feel at peace. Tried shutting down my brain for a while, maybe if it’s shut, i wouldn’t think nor feel.

Tried suffocating myself by thinking the worst, just so i could stop breathing, maybe if i stopped breathing, my whole body would go numb, maybe if it’s numb, i wouldn’t feel nor think about where you are or whether you are missing me too.

Tried calling you multiple times but everytime i tried, something stopped me as if to tell me i am committing a crime or maybe it’s guilt, i don’t know And just like that i could not stop the tears from rolling down my face, every tear felt like a sharp cut in the stomach or is it my heart, i can’t tell the difference.

Tried listening to music, just so i could make myself think of something else either than you, But i guess the music worked against me because you all i could think about and every lyric made me feel some typa of way,

Tried erasing every memory i have of you in my brain, but like the scar on my hand, memories of you are stuck with me, and it hurts coz they are just good memories,

Is it love if I feel this way,

Is it love if it hurts so much……