It was a Monday coming from school , okay I get home then I went to my room then I took my phone I logged in my WhatsApp I got a message from an unsaved number saying ” molo chomi ” and I replied ” chomi ” within a second the number replied ” hey ubufunwa ngu Aphelele ” and I asked ” uphi ” it replied ” ukokwabo ” and I asked ” who are you ” the number replied ” I’m his cousin Mahle ” and I said ok , and it was Tuesday I get ready for school and I rushed to Aphelele asking her why did you text me from someone’s phone while you have my number and she laughed so hard , ” my cousin was on my gallery and saw your pictures and asked who are you and I told him , apparently he catched feelings ” I blushed for some few seconds and acted like I’m furious , so it’s after school I got home and go through my phone when I checked my WhatsApp there his text saying ” hey how was your day , hope was productive I love you ” and I was shocked like he doesn’t even know me , I replied ” thanks ” then I switched off my data and I went to the spare room to study because on Friday I was writing Geography controlled test , he was texting and calling me every day so that maked me to catch feelings , imagine I was doing grade 12 ok fine he asked to meet me on Saturday and I said it’s cool so we were chatting like we known each other for some years LOL that’s weird right , Friday came to write the test and it was postponed were we so angry , especially me because Saturday I was going to meet my love lol , so I get home telling him the geo Test is postponed so we are going to write it Tommorow which is Saturday and he said ok it’s fine but after test we can still meet and I said cool , I told my friend Aphelele that the for test is postponed we writing it Saturday and she laughed at me , she was on agriculture class we were only Separated by it , it’s on Saturday I wake up by usual time 06:00 I washed then I ate , by 07:00 we were sitting for the paper , I finished my paper I submitted it and I was out of class and school I texted Mahle and telling him that I’m finished and I texted my friend also ok they said they both coming and they are coming together and I started to shiver , they gave me the direction Mahle was leaving at before bridge and Aphelele in zimbane I walked and it was so hot tjoooo , I walked communicating through phone my friend said I’ll seeT Cross and I will go up , I did as she said all along she’s wrong and i cried texting her that am at Mr bread not her saying what and she was so surprised and I texted Mahle telling him where I’m at and he was shocked also , Aphelele can’t direct oh my gosh , they both said no stop there I’m we are coming and I stopped under an umbrella that was my , I stood for some 5 minutes I saw a handsome light skinned guy I shiver so hard because he is beautiful so much wearing a Maroon t shirt and a black jean walking alone , and he shout out my name ” Zinathi ” I replied ” yeeee” , it’s me Mahle come ,I crossed the road I went to him , I asked him where is my friend he said ” lol we lied to you , Aphelele is at her home ” I went cold for 10min , while we walking he’s asking me how was geo , I kept quiet because Aphelele lied to me , we went to his house Lol and we chilled and we kissed , I don’t want to lie I was happy , that is how I meet my soulmate.