Nights pass and days come, and all I hear is your voices singing all your your hatreds towards me. Yes I am HIV positive, I didn’t choose to be HIV positive I was born with it. I was born like this and will die like this, it’s in my flesh who are you to judge me?God didn’t create all of you to be judgemental. I didn’t choose to be HIV positive I was born like this. You see me like danger to your community calling me names how I’m a poison to your community, how I’m a chronic diseases to your community. Now all my loved ones are afraid to say they love because they see me like a poison which touches everything and it dies. Each and every night I try and cry to find reasons why you all splitting thorns on my heart. Right now I’m afraid to walk in the streets with my head high beacause you’ll all be looking at me differently.

Tell us: What do you think of people who make fun of people who’re living with HIV?