I have a dream of being a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a doctor who deals with skin diseases. I know that a doctor have to study 7 years at university. I will pay attention to that on my way or journey to success.
My love for being a dermatologist started when I was watching a show on TLC. It is called ‘Dr Pimple Popper ‘.The owner or the doctor on this show is Dr. Sandra Lee. She is from the United States of America and stays in one of the places in California. She is an amiable and successful independent woman . The time I saw this show, I fell in love with it so much. By that time I was in Grade 7 and I wanted to be an actress. Actually I didn’t know which career I was going to choose because there was a lot of careers in my mind.
The time I made up my mind about being a dermatologist. It was early December 2019 where I had a small lump beneath my breast. I was so emotional and scared at the same time because I thought I had breast cancer. Days passed and I wasn’t the same Zinhle who who was always laughing and amiable. Mom took me to the clinic and I was scared that I might go to surgery and operate my lump.
At the clinic they gave me pills only ,trust me I was so relieved because they wouldn’t operate my lump. We went back home and mom told me to stop watching Dr.Lee’s show because maybe my lump was caused by it . I was heartbroken because I had to stop watching my most favorite show because of my lump .I thought it was a cyst because it was growing day by day and it was starting to appear when I wore clothes. I was lucky because it didn’t grow into a bigger lump but it was tiny and round like and a size of a marble.
Then after I was into medication, days passed and weeks passed. I saw a difference in my lump, it was disappearing. I was so much happy because the time of New Year’s eve my lump got treated and thanks to the medication and there was no need fpr me to go back to the clinic.
Months passed,I was not watching the show anymore. 1day I chose to watch it because I realized that this was my dream and nobody was going to choose a career for me .I did a lot of research on Google about dermatology. It was valuable and helpful to me a lot .
The time I really made up my mind was when we were on the first lockdown in 2020 .I had all time researching ,I saved pictures and I also downloaded 2 apps about skin diseases and treatment. I wanted to buy Dr.Lee’s Book but I didn’t have money to do so.
At school, I get so excited when we are given a task to write about the careers that we choose or our role models and people we admire. I can’tsay I get the highest marks in class but I do and try all the best to make the teacher smile when he or she reads my essay . The thing that breaks my heart is that next year I have to choose a stream that will help me to become a dermatologist or pursue my dream. So I have to choose Maths and Physics, that is one of the consequences that I go through .
This career means a lot to me but I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do because I dont get high marks in maths and they are good at all .i know its not the end of the road for me but I would have to change a stream so that I wouldn’t get myself into something that wont make my marks good .And I’m a bit happy coz I can choose Life Sciences and Maths Lit .I didn’t know that Maths can be a reason why I wont quickly become a dermatologist .
Ok ,let me not get emotional . My plan B is that because I wont study Maths And Physics next year .I will study Agriculture ,Life Sciences ; Maths Lit ,Geography and other subjects and I know that I will pass will flying colours in Grade 12 .I wish and I am determined that I will pass with 4 distinctions .
My biggest wish is that I want to study Dermatologist in the United States of America and I think it willtake me 12 years to become a highly qualified dermatologist . When I’mdone studying there ,I will come back to my home country . I know the way South Africa is poor and now there are no job opportunities and I’ve seen people who have skin diseases but cant afford to treat them .It breaks my heart Because I wish to help them and others cant afford to go to dermatologists like me because I also have dark spots on my body especially on my legs but I can’tafford to get rid of them but its fine I love myself the way I am. I dont want to help only South African only but I would love to help people globally who would appreciate my help.People suffer a lot and others even die because they dont get proper care and there aren’t many doctors in Africa .
I dont wanna study dermatology just because of the money that doctors earn . I want to help and I love to see people happy not miserable because of their conditions. I WISH GOD CAN HELP THIS AMBITIOUS LITTLE GIRL TO PURSUE HER DREAMS .I WILL PROSPER AND CONQUER WITH GOD’S GRACE .I KNOW HE WILL FOREVER BE WITH ME AND NEVER FORSAKE ME