Nowadays we tend to make decisions based on what our peers or the people around do. Competition is very high especially materially, and all those material things are not as important as being honest with yourself and appreciating what you have. Many times we tend to forget that we are not from the same background but we are different people in all aspects of life. According to me, the best person that you can compete with is yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Many times we blame God and people for our failure but we can’t go deeper and think that the person to blame is within me… Freedom will only come if we become honest with ourselves, our daily decisions and what we expect from this life. Nothing is easy, but thriving to become better every day – it’s all up to us.


Be honest with what you want to achieve and you will be free from being captive to all the wrong thoughts about who is against you. Release yourself and be ready to flee towards your success.