One can not graduate from high school. Work boring jobs, earning less or not being exposed to the working field. Having limited education, skills. All these could resemble from different reasons. For an example: natural disasters (floods, precipitations), low food security, Low economic growth or low standard rates of living. There are a lot that I could mention but a few to say.

All these can make you dwell in negative thoughts, more especially if you age between 30 and 45. Starting to doubt yourself, feeling worthless as if you are just in planet Earth to inhale and exhale, aiming for less. According to the survey, it has been said that if people put as much energy into achieving their goals as they spend making up excuses for failure. People tend to envy someone’s belonging. Not that being envious is detrimental and malicious and great.

Let us take a close look at what I mean: It is phenomenal to envy someone’s success if it going to motivate, inspire and encourage you to do more than you are, rather say to do your best. Yet it is bad to envy someone if it is going to make a bad person as in your heart starts to rot. That will give the angels of Darkness the opportunity to torment and play with your emotions. They will make you question yourself whether you are good enough. May you please stick with me on this one,try by all that you have to chase away those thoughts. Whenever you start having those thoughts remember that everything happens for a purpose. You might be called with names like…you are a waste, useless. Change all the bad names into the ones that will make you feel better. Being a waste to a biodegradable waste. In terms of being useless try to think about if you were not here to balance the gases, how would we the population of earth survive?

Nonetheless, I strongly believe that you are going to achieve more and more if you leave the societal thoughts, believes and focus more on your goals. The wise one once said that no poison can kill the positive thinker and no medicine can save the negative thinker. It all starts in your mind.