In the following piece, we will discuss what every teenager has or will still go through. We as teenagers often mistake love for lust. I think we often do this because we might be peer pressured into relationships because our friends are doing it. We then pursue relationships that lack trust, commitment and dedication.

We enter these relationships with raw emotions and sometimes, wholeheartedly and this may be dangerous if the other partner is not fully invested in the relationship. This leads to heartbreak, anxiety and also a fear of love called Philophobia.

This has led to many teenage suicides as they believe they are not lovable and worthy of love. Honestly, it is said how a person can say they ‘ love’ someone to prove a point to their friends or simply win a bet. It is wrong to toy with someone’s feelings. We as teenagers and young adults need to stop ‘ loving’ people when we feel like they are beneficial in our lives or when it is relevant to us.

Love is a two-way street, if you don’t put in the work and dedication things won’t work. If you are not ready to be in a relationship, simply tell the other person to avoid stringing them along for something you are not ready to commit and invest in. Believe it or not, being in love is an investment because you invest your time, loyalty, emotions and thoughts into someone and no one wants an investment that doesn’t give them anything in return.

So before you agree to be in a relationship, first ask yourself if you are in the right emotional and mental mind state before diving into the love zone. Remember never settle for half of what you feel you deserve. Know your worth and yes being single can be lonely (talking from experience) but sometimes it is what you need before meeting your soulmate or your Mr right. Love is kind, love is fair, and love will never hurt you.