Who really is my father? My father left me when I was still a baby. He never even looked back. I was abandoned by my father, and that made me become the most damaged person on Earth. I’ve been a fighter all my life and suffer from my emotions. When everything goes south, I be thinking of him. Why he left me and never showed me no mercy. I’m that person with a broken heart. These are my scars, and I’ve learnt to embrace them. I have to embrace the fact that my father isn’t interested in me.

I remember as a boy having to suffer from my emotions because my peers always mentioned their fathers. It was a weakness to me because my peers would be like “let’s laugh at those who’ve never had a dad”. It still haunts even today when I think about it. I automatically go silent and say nothing to anyone because I’m still stuck on my dad. I’m still stuck on why he had to leave me. I’ve tried to convince my mother about this but she always told me he is a dog.
When you don’t have a father. There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense. You have to search for that love in the streets. I’ve tried to open up and people always tried to comfort me. Telling me to not mind that man. Did they really know how much he means to me? He’s never done me anything but my heart still seeks him. I still need my father and I hope one day he gets back to his minds. I hope he claims back his memory because it seems as if he’s lost it when it comes to me. 20 years of my life I still don’t have a father but he exists and I end up resenting my mother for his actions. I get angry and regret the day I was born. I hate to say I even once got suicidal. But then I’ve found a solution to all this and that is God.

God will never abandon me. He is my father. Whenever life throws stones at me, he collects them and build a bridge for me. He’s always got a way to show me he exists. He protects me and guides me in everything. He is my source of happiness. His love is enough and is genuine. He is my support system. I will always have faith in him no matter what happens.