Have you ever been body shamed by your partner?Well since you don’t know the experience, let me share mine with you.

Mid 2020 I met with this other guy, very clean, respectful and had a cute smile. He asked for my number and I gave him, we’d chat on all our socials (Facebook and WhatsApp) till late hours. He then asked me out after some weeks since we met.

Me giving him my number had nothing to do with wanting to date him, I just wanted to be friends with him. But since I gave him my tens and agreed to going out with him, he saw me as his girlfriend. Well since he had all the qualities I had mentioned above, I didn’t see any problem in dating him.

You all know how the honeymoon phase is right? Guess I was fooled by it since I saw a perfect partner for myself in him. After few months of our relationship, he started telling me to either gym or be on a diet. Mind you, I was this fat when we met. He liked my body the way it was but now he’s coming with a different story. He’d tell me I’d made a perfect mother for our children in the future and also a perfect wife to him.

He made me feel confident, love and accept my body the way it was. But now he is telling me to either gym or diet. I kept on asking him what is wrong with my body and he told me he can’t be seen with a BIG FAT girl in public. He changed the narrative, right after we slept together. He’s now realising my “BIG FAT” body. How cruel and heartless boys are.

He then decided to end the relationship without him knowing (I stopped calling, texting and checking up on him like I usually did). I lost myself in trying to find suitable reasons why he said what he said to me. I went weeks without eating, surviving with tap water only, in pain and trying to lose weight for boys to recognise me.

We met again across the street, holding his new girlfriend by waist. She was slim and had curves, very beautiful with her big eyes. Had small boobs compared to mine, that’s when I realised I was never his type. I was just his pawn nothing more, nothing less. He posted their pictures of that day on his WhatsApp status with a caption of “Girls I go for, not the abnormal BIG FAT girls”

Healing process is not something that happens overnight, especially when he’s not apologetic and not showing any remorse for what he did. I have never been body shamed before, it was my first time experience that nobody I told seemed to relate to.