I sat at the back seat of the class with my earphones on I prefer headphones but the teachers are always quick to catch me so I use earphones then put my hoody on, yep no one notices that I’m not paying any attention to the rubbish Mr Brownscki is saying they always telling us to study hard for our future but the truth is I’m not interested in any of that, but the is one thing I’m interested in and it’s a girl her name is Lucia she’s dark skinned with dreadlocks and a slim figure she’s so beautiful I always stare at her and make fake scenarios haha crazy right by the way my name is…….”Mr swinglass you not paying any attention to what I’m saying are you?” Yep that’s me Jonathan swinglass I’m 16 years of age and I wasn’t paying any attention.”No Mr Brownscki I am listening”
“Ohh is that so, okay tell me who is king Arthur?”
Ohh my goodness not again, this always happens to me
I didn’t know the answer so I just stared at him knowing very well that I got detention today just cause I don’t know who King Arthur is
“Okay Mr swinglass you got yourself 2hours of detention”
“2hours for just not answering a question?”
“No Jonathan swinglass that’s for putting earphones on while I’m giving my lesson”
Dang it my mom gonna be so disappointed in me you know she’s a single parent my father died when I was 4 years old and my mom said if I get detention again she’s going to take me to boarding school. I was lost in my thoughts when Mr Brownscki tapped my shoulder and signalled me to follow him, so I stood up and followed him we got to the principals office
I found my mom talking to the principal Mrs Kenzeem I call her Mrs potato head cause her last name is so hard to pronounce and just by looking at their facial expressions I knew today was gonna feel like hell” Good day mam”
Good day swinglass and you got detention again today?”
“Yes mam but..” I didn’t even finish my statement cause I was going to lie anyway my mom was close to tears so I just let it slide.”Mr swinglass we can’t tolerate your behaviour anymore me and your mother have noticed that you don’t want to be here so here is what you are to do you have to apologise to every teacher who have tried to help you but you only wasted their time I will need the letter by tomorrow” what was I to do they were kicking me out of school yes it’s true I don’t wanna study but I don’t know what else to do I stood up took my bag and went to detention there were no students I guess I’m the only trouble child I sat down took my earphones and played Everything I wanted by Billie Ellish I took my pen and book and tears started clouding my eyes I had to write something so here goes nothing

𝔻𝔼𝔸ℝ π•Šπ•‹β„π”Έβ„•π”Ύπ”Όβ„

I’ve stared at you for the past 2 years I’ve wondered if you have noticed me I always have earphones or headphones in my ears listening to music and making beautiful fantasies that I know will never happen I’ve wished to stare at your brown eyes all day long I’ve wished to dance with you with any genre of music listen to your voice, you are my distraction when I’m in detention, you are my strength when I’m weak, you are my good joke when Mr brownscki is talking about King Arthur I’m not a lover boy but you got the key to my everything dear stranger I’m leaving and I hope you will remember the backseated guy who always had her earphones on even during lessons