One day I once said to myself being your self is not a crime. Being who you are is not a crime. Have self confidence to your self and body. Be proud of who you are. Don’t change your self for someone. Don’t change your self for not who you are. Be that girl or boy you used to be when you were still young. Don’t be ashamed of your ugliness or your beauty have self confidence to your ugliness and beauty. Being ugly or beauty it’s not a crime. You are beautiful because of the creation of God. You are ugly because of creation of God.

Having disability it’s not your fault. It’s the creation of God. God knows why he created you like that. God knows why he gives you that disability. Having disability that wouldn’t stop you to do whatever you want to do. You can be a lawyer, teacher,nurse,etc with that disability god has given you. Don’t be ashamed of your disability. It’s not your fault and will never be your fault.

Wear everything you want to wear. Don’t be ashamed of your body feel free to wear everything you want body it’s yours. Don’t let people judge and don’t let your feelings to judge you. If ever you feel to wear a shorts pants wear it girl. Be proud of your short pants. If ever you feel like you could make up your face do it … do it the way you want… don’t give a damn about what people will say about you. What ever they say don’t take them serious.