By the name of saying father to the man who doesn’t even appreciate you as his child. I was once young, and my mother and father were separated; as I was growing up, I always thought that having a father was brief , actually, having a father was like having a brother if you don’t have one.

One day my mother told my young sisters and me that our father didn’t love us at all. By that time, whenever my mother would talk like that, I would get angry and not talk to anyone just because she said such things about my father.

After weeks my sisters and I went to visit dad and his family. We were delighted to be there. Whenever we visited, our father would stay with us for five minutes and then disappear with his friends. For the first time, we didn’t pay much attention to that, but as time went by, we saw that his just using us whenever we went for a visit. Our father would tell our mother that if we wanted to visit him, we shouldn’t come empty-handed.

In the end, I opened my heart to them and I let them know that my mother and father will never unit again because, as they can see that our father is nothing but a demon to us. So we talked until they cried but I let them know that there’s no turning back on this cause as they know, our father doesn’t want them, so they should just obey as it is.