I am on the finishing line of my high school life,grade 12.Everyone is busy telling me how much effort I must put in my studies,Telling me not play games but work hard And for sure that is what I’m gonna do because I know nice life is worked for but I can say, I’m scared, nervous and uneasy and all those words that can describe my feeling right now.


And of course how can I not be stressed when I’m under pressure like this I mean the teachers are encouraging us to do well ,our parents are expecting more from us and not mentioning the society but with all that I’m saying again academically I’m gonna make it.


As we all know today Matric class of 2021 results were realised we saw students who made it happy and excited and rejoicing but I’m not gonna mention the ones who didn’t but gonna encourage them to try and fix their matric for their future but I’m not there.


What I’m saying is God be with me through my studies this year I’ve got many people to make proud be with me through it all by God’s grace I’m gonna make it.