A rich man, Richard Mushi from Ga- Matlala in Limpopo, was preparing for his son’s graduation coming in the next few months and was proud of him.

For a couple of months, the son, Brendon, kept asking his father for a new car, knowing that his father was rich enough to purchase him a brand-new car.

When the graduation day drew near, the young lad’s father called him into his study. The father gave him an encased gift and wished him well on his achievement.

With disappointment written all over his face, Brendon opened the gift to reveal a beautiful journal with his name etched on the cover. He angrily shouted and threw the journal on the floor, and stormed out.

Brendon had not seen his father since graduation day. He had become successful and well-to-do like his father, with a massive, beautiful home and family. He realised that his father was long in the tooth, and it may be time to let bygones be bygones.

Just then, he received communication from his father’s lawyer that he had passed away and had to return home to take care of the estate.

After the funeral, Brendon regretfully returned home, searched through his father’s important documents, and came across the journal. It was still new and unopened as he had left it.

He opened it, and has he flipped through the pages, a car key dropped from the back of the journal.

A dealer tag was attached to the key that read, ” Paid in full. Wherever this car takes you, write about it to remember. Love, Dad.”

Moral: No matter what expectations you may have, be grateful for what you are given. It may be a blessing in disguise.