“Hello, Kganya,” the deep, echoing voices said from all around. She would never forget these voices ever in her life. They were the Dark Souls; they had come for her again. Where was Gogo Lesedi?

“Gogo Lesedi, help me!” She shouted as loudly as she could, but she was met with silence, followed by a menacing laughter from the Dark Souls.

“Ncooh, why isn’t she answering you?” the Dark Souls asked her mockingly.

“Leave me alone!”

“You still have a chance, Kganya, come to us. That woman will not protect you.”

“You are wrong!” she shouted.

“Really? Then where is she? And what was it you just said a second ago? Oh, I remember, you asked your Elders to protect you. Protect you against whom?”

“You, you evil things!”

“Ouch! That hurts. But anyway, where are these Elders of yours?”

Kganya looked around. She was completely alone.

“You see? They are nowhere. Now come to us. I mean, we are already here for you.”

A white, bright light pieced the darkness. “No! don’t, Kganya. Run to me.”

It was Gogo Lesedi! Kganya didn’t hesitate, she ran to her.

“You again? What can we do with you?” the Dark Souls sounded irritated.

Gogo Lesedi shot a white, light laser-like thingy at the Dark Souls, but it came back to her and knocked her down. The light that was radiating off her flickered.

“Gogo!” Kganya ran to Gogo Lesedi.

Gogo Lesedi stood up slowly, grimacing.  She clapped her hands many times and the light came back, and radiated stronger.

“You see, Kganya? She is weak, how is she going to protect you when she is weak herself? She just wants to steal your powers for herself,” the Dark Souls said.

“Kganya, don’t listen to them, just run that way, I will deal with them.”

“No, I can’t leave you alone,” Kganya protested.

“You have to. It is you they want. You are unsafe here.”

“But what if they take you? Who will help me?” Kganya cried.

“They won’t.”


“I promise. Now run!” Gogo Lesedi pushed her.

Kganya broke out in sprint and ran in the direction Gogo Lesedi told her to go.

She saw a white, glowing circle that looked like a portal.

Before jumping through it, she turned and looked back. Gogo Lesedi was fighting the Dark Souls with her light. They were fighting back with black whips that came out of nowhere.

“Jump, Kganya!” Gogo Lesedi shouted while throwing white lights at the Dark Souls.

Kganya jumped and she was back in the rondavel. She felt the steam burning her again.

She cried out, “Ha!”

“Kganya! Get out!” Andile shouted from outside.

Kganya crawled out.

“Gogo Lesedi is trapped inside!”

“Don’t worry, she will come back.” Andile hurried out and returned a second later with a shovel filled with big, red rocks and a big chain that was terrifyingly red.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” Kganya asked in shock.

“This will help boost her powers to fight the Dark Souls in the Spiritual World.” Andile added the rocks, and the steam shot out from the rondavel before she closed the opening with some canvas.

“Now what?” Kganya asked.

“If she doesn’t come out, I keep on adding the rocks, but the chain will be enough to boost her powers.”

“If she still doesn’t come out?” Kganya was worried for Gogo Lesedi. She saw was how stronger the Darks Souls had gotten since the last time. They knocked Gogo Lesedi down like she was a leaf.

“She will, don’t underestimate her. Gogo is stronger than you think. She is coming back.”

“We need to do something to help her!”

“This is helping,” Andile replied with a voice coated with irritation. “Go rinse yourself with that water over there, and put on your clothes before you catch cold.”

Kganya was embarrassed when she realised that she was still naked. She instantly covered her breasts with her arms and walked away to do what Andile had just told her.

Tell us: Have you any thoughts on why things have not gone according to Gogo’s plan? It seems she had not expected the Dark Souls to come for Kganya…