“What is it, Kganya? What happened?”

Kganya turned and saw that it was Nthabiseng. She had returned from wherever they were

“It’s… it’s Gogo.” She cried again.

“Gogo? What about her?” Nthabiseng got closer and took both her hands in hers.

“I was in the rondavel steaming… then… then, somehow, I was in the Spiritual World, where the Dark Souls were trying to take me. Gogo Lesedi arrived in time and she fought with them, but they were more powerful than her. She then told me to run away and leave her there…” Kganya broke down and cried.

“Gogo is fighting the Darks Souls? But how did they find you? This place is protected against them.”

Kganya couldn’t hear what Nthabiseng was saying.

“She got out, Kganya,” Andile told her and passed to continue with her business.

“Really?” Kganya wiped her tears.

“Yes, I told you she’s strong. She said go wait for her in her hut, she is coming.” Andile said, walking away.

Kganya got quiet. Was Gogo going to expel her? Did she do something in there that attracted the Dark Souls?

“Don’t worry, Gogo will fix everything. Don’t overthink it, you will be OK.” Nthabiseng held her briefly in a hug.


“Kganya, what happened in there?” Gogo Lesedi asked.

They were in her hut, and Kganya was relieved to see that she was safe. She looked tired, though.

“I just did as you told me. I called for my Elders, then all I saw was me in the Spiritual World.”

“This is strange. I have managed to subdue them for a while, but I don’t think I will be able to next time.  As you saw, they have gotten way stronger than me.”

Gogo Lesedi was shaking as she took the big bunch of incense and a matchbox and placed them between them. “There must have been some sort of a glitch when you were summoning your Elders. Because there is no way that the Dark Souls could have penetrate your transcendence. So, I want you to light this incense and call them again.”

Kganya took out a match and lighted it. She brought the burning stick to the incense.

“Call on them while you are burning it,” Gogo Lesedi said.

“My Elders, I humbly come before you to ask that you show yourselves to me,” Kganya said slowly, waiting for the incense to burn. But it wasn’t catching fire. The matchstick even went out and nearly burned her fingers.

“Ouch!” Kganya winced.

She took out another matchstick and lighted it.

“Please, I am in need of your help so I can go through with this journey you have brought me here for.”

The incense still didn’t catch fire.

“Things are getting stranger and stranger as the day goes on, Kganya. Why doesn’t the incense burn?” Gogo Lesedi asked. Her voice was no longer gentle. It was high and rough. It was as if she was scared and annoyed at the same time.

“I don’t know.” Kganya wanted to cry.

“OK, try calling for any of the people you know in your family, starting with your mother.”

Kganya lighted another stick and brought it to the incense. “My name is Kganya Zwane, the daughter of Ntombifuthi Zwane. Please acknowledge my presence by showing yourselves to –”

“Call the names of your other family members,” Gogo Lesedi interjected, softly.

It struck Kganya, she didn’t know anyone from her mother’s side, let alone her father’s side because that one, she didn’t even know him. But her mother’s family? Her mother never talked to her about her family, ever. She always shut down the topic whenever Kganya brought it up.

“I… I don’t know them.” Kganya was embarrassed saying these words.

“Even one?” Gogo Lesedi asked disbelievingly.

Kganya nodded.

“OK, bring me the incense and the matchbox.” Gogo Lesedi took out another stick and lighted it. “Oh, my Elders, it is me, Gogo Lesedi. I am with Kganya, the daughter you brought yesterday for me to help, but we seem to have a problem connecting to any of her Elders. Please intervene, as you are the ones who brought her here.”

Gogo Lesedi groaned aloud, scaring Kganya. Kganya saw that the incense was burning. So, the problem must be with her, not with the incense. For a second, she was convinced that the incense was wet. Why was everything wrong with her?

She could tell that Gogo Lesedi was in the Spiritual World, talking to her Elders.

“Heyi!” Gogo Lesedi groaned so loud that Kganya nearly jumped back from the reed mat she was kneeling on.  “Your mother has a lot to answer to.”

“What do you mean?” Kganya asked. What does her mother have to do with this?

“Go wait for me in the room of the initiates, I have to call your mother.” Gogo Lesedi stood up.

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Kganya!” Gogo Lesedi snapped. “I said go wait for me in the room of the initiates. I will tell you when there’s something to tell.”

Kganya stood up and left the hut, heading to the room of the initiates, weeping.

Tell us: What do you imagine Gogo Lesedi means when she says Kganya’s mother has a lot to answer to?