Gugu and Nomalunga released their embrace and sprang away from each other.

Fikile stood in the doorway. The girls saw his horrified expression, before he quickly turned, and ran out of the house.

“Fikile come back!” called Nomalunga, running after him. “Oh God,” she said, grabbing her cellphone and desperately dialling Fikile’s number. “He’s not answering,” she said. Nomalunga’s hands were shaking, and Gugu took the phone from her.

“I’ll text him,” said Gugu, “and ask him to please come back.”

Nomalunga collapsed on to the couch. She had no sooner done so than she heard the front door opening again. Nomalunga sprang to her feet. “Fikile!” she called out.

But it wasn’t Fikile.

It was Lucky, Nomalunga’s brother, with three of his friends. They sauntered into the lounge, each of them clutching a couple of beers.

“Well, well, well,” said Lucky sneeringly when he saw Gugu. “Just look who’s here.”

Lucky moved close up to Gugu. “Oh yes,” he said, smiling into her face. “You’re looking good.”

Lucky paused, and referred to his friends, now sitting sprawled on the couch. “You remember Gugu, don’t you boys?”

The three young men laughed coarsely.

“So,” said Lucky, still standing close to Gugu. “How’s your love life Gugu? You know I’m always available.” Lucky crudely grabbed the crotch of his jeans in his hand and jerked his hips towards Gugu. “If it’s not going so well,” Lucky indicated to his friends again, “then me and my boys would be only too happy to help you out.”

Lucky and his three friends laughed loudly.“Wouldn’t we boys?” Lucky suddenly moved his hand and pinched Gugu’s butt hard. She slapped his hand away.

“Leave me alone Lucky!” said Gugu fiercely.

The three young men laughed again. “We’ll see about that,” jeered Lucky. “We’ll see about that. Just don’t come sniffing around my sister any more. You hear? You hear that … bitch?”

Nomalunga stood up. “You’re drunk Lucky,” she said firmly. “You and your friends better go before Mama comes home. She hates it when you’re drunk. Go now.”

“Just a minute, little sister,” said Lucky, still circling Gugu. “Just a minute. We’re just having a little fun here.”

Nomalunga moved closer to Gugu. Gugu stood firmly facing Lucky. Her fists were clenched tightly at her sides.

It was with a huge sigh of relief that Nomalunga heard the front door open again.

Fikile walked into the room. He took one look at Lucky and his friends and said, “Get going guys.”

“Okay, okay,” said Lucky, as his friends staggered to their feet. “We better listen to my lil sussie’s baby’s father.”

Lucky laughed loudly right in Fikile’s face on his way out, adding: “But I’d be worried about these two if I was you. Very worried!”

Lucky and his friends slammed the door on the way out, and Fikile, Nomalunga and Gugu were left alone and silent, facing each other in the sitting room.


Tell us what you think: Would Lucky and his friends harm Gugu and Nomalunga if they knew the truth about them? Why did Fikile come back?