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Uhm! I don't know what to say, because you meant alot.
Al'ameen muhammad · 2 months ago
This is my first time reading your book and already I'm loving your work looking forward to reading more of your books. At khanya college we were asked to recommend some of the books we've read; I will definitely recommend yours
Ma.a · 4 months ago
@Jessica, We have forwarded your request to her and she will get back to you.
Fundza Team · 4 years ago
Good Day Thank you so much for your help before. My learners wrote letters to Michelle Faure and with your help, she not only received the letters, but she also responded. This year, my students have access to the internet and I was wondering if Mrs faure would be interested in a Skype session with the Grade 8s. If you could help in this regard that would be great. Thank you Jessica Hendricks Rhenish Girls' High School
Jessica · 4 years ago
Love seeing white man
Jai · 5 years ago