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Heyy I just read chapter 5of forbidden love very good story so far. Alot of ppl are so nice and support ur writing. I decided to Check the comments, most of them were very sweet,but not all. There were some ppl saying that lesbianism is wrong and an act of the devil. I feel this is so untrue and a very unwanted opion. But the comment that really made me feel that people are so misinformed about the LGBTQI community was from a user named Miss Right. Her /his /they're opion was very cruel and untrue saying hurtful things about lesbianism. As a bisexual female I felt this to be very inappropriate. I was wondering if there is anything or way you could maybe take down the comment or even report it possibly. But another thing that I would enjoy if you could write an article about LGBTQ struggles. I am not sure if you are part of the community but u seem very well informed. Thank you👍🏻💖
DeathAvoCat · 3 months ago
Outstanding talented author writes stories that I have very much grown to love! Keep it up 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
DeathAvoCat · 3 months ago
Uhm! I don't know what to say, because you meant alot.
Al'ameen muhammad · 5 months ago
This is my first time reading your book and already I'm loving your work looking forward to reading more of your books. At khanya college we were asked to recommend some of the books we've read; I will definitely recommend yours
Ma.a · 7 months ago
@Jessica, We have forwarded your request to her and she will get back to you.
Fundza Team · 5 years ago