Gugu could hardly sleep that night. She tossed and turned. Her mind was filled with memories of her and Nomalunga and the love that they had shared whilst they were both at university.

There was nothing that Gugu wanted more than for Nomalunga to be happy. She understood that Nomalunga was afraid. Being a gay woman in South Africa was not an easy thing to be. Gugu knew very well the kind of family that Nomalunga came from. Nomalunga’s brother probably would really kill her if he knew the truth about her. Gugu had met him once or twice, and had not liked him at all. He had a group of friends that he moved with that were pretty scary.

Gugu understood why Nomalunga had made the choice that she had made. The choice to stay with Fikile. But Gugu just could not understand, or believe, that Nomalunga really loved Fikile. Not in that way. As a friend yes, but not in that special way that she and Nomalunga had loved each other.

All the months in England Gugu had never forgotten Nomalunga. They had not made any promises to wait for each other once Gugu had left for England, and when Nomalunga’s emails had come less and less frequently, Gugu had wondered if Nomalunga had perhaps met someone else. Nomalunga had always denied it.

Gugu had been totally faithful to Nomalunga, and it had not been due to lack of opportunity. Everything was so different in England. People seemed so much freer and less judgemental.

In the last month, after Gugu had heard about the baby, she had nearly given in to a girl who had been pursuing her for the whole time she had been in England. The girl was sweet, intelligent and very special in many ways. But Gugu had known that she was still in love with Nomalunga, and she could not consider anyone else while she still felt that way.

It was with all these thoughts spinning around in her mind that Gugu made her way to Nomalunga’s house the next morning. She knew that everyone would be at work. Gugu was trusting to luck that Nomalunga would be home alone with her baby.

Gugu did not have to explain where she was going to her mother. Her mother had gone out. Gugu could hardly explain her actions to herself. She was just doing what she knew she had to do.

Nomalunga was dressed in that same old grey track suit when she opened the door.

“I had to see you,” said Gugu. “Please let me in.”

Nomalunga hurriedly let Gugu in. “Come in then,” said Nomalunga, frowning. “The last thing I need is for my brother to see you here. He always suspected you were a lesbian. He told me so. And he always disliked you. He has been coming around a lot lately.”

“I don’t want to cause trouble for you Nomi,” said Gugu, moving inside quickly, and allowing Nomalunga to close the door.

“Then why are you here?” said Nomalunga, her voice desperate. “Why don’t you just leave me in peace?”

Nomalunga walked to the sitting room, and Gugu walked after her.

“Because…” said Gugu, lightly touching Nomalunga’s arm, then hesitantly continuing, “because I still love you so much Nomi … and I can’t believe that you don’t still love me.”

Nomalunga moved away, folding her arms across her chest. She stood still and looked down at the ground. Gugu could see that she was beginning to cry.

“I know you still love me Nomi,” said Gugu, moving towards Nomalunga. “Please be honest. I know you made a mistake. A big mistake. But please just tell me the truth. Please tell me that you do still love me.”

Gugu was taken by surprise at the force of Nomalunga’s sudden response. Nomalunga just flew to Gugu and wrapped her arms tightly around Gugu’s neck.

“Oh Gugu!” said Nomalunga, sobbing loudly now. “Of course I still love you. I just missed you so much. I was just so afraid of living without you. I thought maybe I could change … oh Gugs.” The words were pouring out of Nomalunga, amongst her sobs and tears. “I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. Oh Gugs … what are we going to do?”

The two girls held onto each other tightly, then moved into a passionate embrace.

They were so lost in each other that they failed to hear the front door open.

They only became aware that someone had entered the house, when they heard a male voice loudly exclaiming: “What is going on here?!”


Tell us what you think: Who has just come into the house? Is it possible for Nomi and Gugs to have any kind of future together?