Guys, I need help. I’ve been trying to work on my assignment now and I’ve gotten nowhere. I’m frustrated and I’m getting very anxious. I thought I’d be done with it by now coz it was such a piece of cake. But now it’s proving to be an assignment from hell!

The assignment in itself is simple. I just can’t seem to write anything worth reading and putting an A+ on it. I’m doing Public relations, because I want to do events organising and work in the world of Media (people shouldn’t be deprived of Zinzi).

I’m supposed to write an essay about how art can transform poor neighbourhoods. Simple right? Then why can’t I get it right?

I’ve interviewed these kids around here that do Spaza (Kasi hip-hop) and a few that dance, crumping and beat-boxing. But I can’t write a gripping report. I’m writing it from a manager’s perspective, like if I were managing one of them and had to market them.

It’s due on Monday and I want to submit it by Friday. I hate submitting work on the due date.


ZZ xxx