OK! I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I mean I’m trying my utmost best here and I’m not met with the understanding I think I should be getting.

I was hauled from my comfortable life and brought here. I came kicking and screaming and there were some casualties. But then there was the reconciliation meeting and I got over everything. Now I’m burying my nose in my books like I was ordered to. And I have to do it twice as hard, now that I have no money to fall back on.

But it seems like the universe is conspiring against me. It’s making sure that I do meet my demise. I did complain but now I’d like to think that I’ve grown, that I’m a better person. So why is everyone on my case?

Mom can’t seem to understand why I lock myself in my room. That’s what I do when I’m occupied, she should know. I get home and go straight to my room. I nap for two hours then get up to study, do my assignments, and then read a bit in preparation for the next day. She thinks I’m avoiding housework. I mean really? Some parents!

And as if that’s not bad enough, Sebastian just called. I told him I may not see him again this weekend because I got to work on my assignment. Do you know what he says? He flips! He turns this whole thing around and makes it seem like I don’t want to see him. Like I don’t care!

I don’t know what brought on the insecurities. I have work to do and I’m under pressure. The guy needs to chill. I don’t need this shit!

ZZ xxx