School was hell this week. I was so swamped that I had no time for anything. I didn’t realise that the holidays had such an effect on me. I couldn’t wake up early but I went to bed feeling pooped. Haven’t seen Sebastian this week and I won’t see him this weekend either.

I need to do my research this weekend for my first assignment.

Whew! First week over and the next ones will be just as hectic. I have 3 assignments to do and I need to start now. I’ve never been one to leave my work to pile up. I don’t chase deadlines, I work smart and hard.

I feel like taking a shower and just cuddling up in front of the telly till I fall asleep. But mom says I need to cook so I must obey…

Close your mouth… Zinzi can cook!

Just because I am…was a spoilt brat doesn’t mean I am clueless. Even though we had Mam’Elizabeth to take care of the whole house, we still needed to learn to do things ourselves. Dad did not compromise.

Take Sim for example, the boy can fix a car with his eyes closed, and he’s barely a teen yet. He knows how to mow the lawn, nail stuff together; he did all that with dad.

And he keeps a spotless toilet… just the freak in him.

So what should I cook? I don’t feel like rice so I think I’ll just do Spaghetti Bolognaise. It’s quick and easy and I’m lazy. Hope the weather is hot tomorrow so we can have Umvubo, my absolute favourite.

ZZ xxx