This is the last will and testament of Zinzi Zwane

It is my dying wish as a lonely, friendless soul, to leave everything I possess to my dear brother, Simphiwe. The whole road trip I only had him talking my ear off about The Big Bang. None of my friends called or SMSed me back to find out how it’s going. Fake friends!

So to all those who pretended to be my friends just because of my popularity, go to hell.

To all those who wanted to join my inner circle and I blatantly ignored them, my humble apologies.

To all those who hated me and wanted to walk a mile in my stilettos, be my guest.

To all those who think it’s super cool to be popular, don’t be so hasty to dump the spelling club.

To all those who loved me and truly enjoyed my company, hope to see you again.

To my two true friends, Noxy and Phoebe, thanks for being there.

To my dad, I love you

To my mum, thanks for dumping me in this hell hole

To Robbie, I liked you a lot.

To my sport coaches, thanks for the drills.

To my favourite teachers, thanks for the opportunities; I would’ve made you proud.

To all those reading this, thanks for coming.

Now I’m off to have my last supper in this shoebox they call a house. I bet it’s spaghetti and chicken. I wonder why I bother keeping alive coz this place will kill me anyways.

ZZ xxx