0h no! No, no ,no, no! How could they do this to me?

My parents, the people who are supposed to have my best interest at heart, and they do this to me! How could they? They know how much Phoebe and Noxy mean to me, but still, they’re taking me away from them!


Because we need a change, they say. A change! This is not a change. This is a complete overhaul! They are taking us from our perfect home in the suburbs, my perfect friends and from perfect Robbie – whose body is so yummy – and taking me to hell.

This godforsaken, absolutely End! This horrid HELLHOLE!

A township, for Christ sake! A freakin township! I checked it out on Google maps and it’s nasty. What would my friends say? From the snazzy Summerstrand in beautiful PE to the bleak Blue Downs. The place hasn’t even got a mall!

“How do you know there’re no malls?” my dad asks.

Well, if it’s not on Google, IT DOESN’T EXIST! As far as I’m concerned and if it doesn’t have a Cinema and clothing shops then definitely no!!!

This is a real hero to zero kind of set-up. It’s a nightmare!

I’m convinced mom and dad are hiding something from us. I’m sure of it. I mean, I would get it if they’d move us to Sea Point or Parklands or wherever. That would be a change. This isn’t. This is social suicide. Where would I go to school? How would I get there? What would I do in Blue Downs? This is depressing.

They say I’m starting school on Monday, are they freakin kidding me? I didn’t register for any college. As far as I’m concerned, I’m attending NMMU in PE. And now I have to start at some college? How will I cope?

The schools are already in progress and I must start afresh? Consider this for a minute and tell me if it’s fair, let alone possible…

I’m expected to start college a few weeks behind, in an area I don’t know, using a transportation system I’m not familiar with. I’ll spend the first week trying to get the right train on the right platform. Then I have to find the school, get familiar with the surroundings and catch up on school work so I can maintain my grades. And on top of all that I must make friends!!!

My parents have this way of ‘seeing the silver lining’ in everything.

“We’ve already registered you in a new school Zinzi. It’s a nice college, you’ll see. You’ll get to meet new friends and expand your social circle.”

“Cape Town has more opportunities for Media related fields, it’s a goldmine.”

I tried talking to Simphiwe about it, but the little twirp thinks living there will be cool. Clueless little brother! I clubbed him over the head when he said that, but mom did her, “Zinzi Zwane, stop that right now!” routine so he didn’t really feel any pain.

Mom is shouting again. We leave in an hour and dad is not coming with. I don’t understand this at all. And I have no say in all this, it’s been decided and now it’s happening…my parents hate me!!!

ZZ xxx