It’s nearly the end of the week and I can’t wait. I’ve had a tough week and with the added pressure of exams, it’s gonna be even tougher. I started on Monday and have a few days to get over the nerves and focus on these books. It’s hard reading when your mind is not in it.

I miss Sebastian. I thought I would cope but I see that I can’t. I haven’t spoken to him in four days. Four days! I’m going nuts and it’s no wonder I can’t concentrate. I didn’t go to school today so that I can finish my assignment and hand it in, it’s due on Monday.

I realised yesterday that I’m not as equipped as I should be, considering that I started late. But I have Tee to rescue me so I’ll be fine. It’s a great advantage that she’s smart and so patient. Because all I do is talk during our study sessions and she keeps bringing me back on track.

I need to call Sebastian.

ZZ xxx