“I’m going to ask Jayden Depaul out,” says Refilwe during Design & Technology. “I mean, he can only say no, right?”

Her friends squeal and giggle over how brave she is, while I sit there frozen to the spot. The teacher looks up from his desk for a second, but immediately looks down again as we lower our voices.

We’re supposed to be designing storage space for a kitchen out of recyclable materials, but the amount of whispering going on means we’re not making much progress.

“Jayden is SOOOO fit!” giggles one of the girls. “Totally my number-one dream hook-up. I love how his hair is all emo, but he’s built like a soccer player. You’re such a rock star, Refilwe. I wish I was brave enough even to talk to him.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Amanda staring at me like she’s willing me to speak. Her eyebrows have climbed so high up her forehead they’re practically getting mixed up with her hair.

When I still don’t say anything, she can’t keep quiet any longer.

“Um … I think you’ll find that Jayden already has a girlfriend, Refilwe. He’s going out with Latoya, remember?”

I close my eyes. I know Amanda means well, but she doesn’t know these girls like I do. That was just completely the wrong thing to say.

“Nuh-uh, I don’t THINK so!” Refilwe says, wagging her finger triumphantly at Amanda. “I don’t know what it’s like at that fancy private school you used to go to, but here at Innesfree High if a girl and a guy are dating, they spend their Saturday nights together. So why did I see Jayden all on his own in Sandton last weekend?”

“Um… he… they… were just having a break, and …”

“And what’s it to you, anyway?” Refilwe interrupts. “You’re always jumping to her defence, Amanda.  Don’t you know she can’t stand you?”

Amanda’s eyes flick to meet mine. Yes, we got off on the wrong foot when she started here, but we’ve since become friends. More than friends – we’re starting to become real sisters.

“Well …” Amanda says at last. “It’s like this.”

I hold my breath, waiting to see if she’s finally going to tell everyone that we’re sisters.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Do you consider your friends’ boyfriends to be off limits?  Or is all fair in love and war?